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Romantic suspense is my niche. Providing a stage for a couple to grow closer through challenges thrown at them is my favorite type of story to write.Trust will pave the way to love.
I love to share my experiences with paranormal, so the tale might have a bit of mystical. The thrill of fright pumps the heart , right?.

I hope you’ll agree and surf my site to find out what I’m writing and upcoming releases.
Click on the links to the right for an excerpt and buying information. Under suspense you’ll find Trade Agreement, a book used as a prop in the movie, RED and voted as LASR’s best of the best.

Jewel Heist is quite popular with a cruise setting and bachelors waiting to ride the waves of love.

Experience the dark side with The Watcher Series, and The Dark Shadows Series.

Fantasy abounds by the Valkyrie Series, The Valkyrie and the Marine, Pippa's Rescue and Memory of Love released through The Wild Rose Press.

LAST CHANCE AT LOVE. Is it possible for love to be reborn? Join Alyson and Sam during their journey of rekindling of romance.

Please bookmark this site, and plan to visit often.

I’ll update the information on a regular basis.
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